Hunaru Foshi uses a level system to help introduce new sellers to this platform, to motivate sellers and to help the buyers identify the best fit for their tasks. As a Freelancer or service provider if you take more orders and provide great customer service, get excellent customer reviews you are able to move up through levels, with the top tier being “Top-Rated Seller“.

The level system is only influenced by the freelancers/sellers and the buyers/customers. Hunaru Foshi will in no way influence the level of a seller. To be awarded each level, the freelancer/seller must reach the requirements. Our staffs will assess each and every freelancer’s reviews and number of orders received in total each month from 15th to the 15th of the next month and levels will be awarded according to our criteria shown below.
New seller

This is the default level. Once you list a service on Hunaru Foshi you will be at the New Seller level.

Level 1

Requirements: Complete minimum 5 orders in total and receive minimum 3 positive reviews from customers.

Level 2

Requirements: Complete minimum 20 orders in total and receive 10 positive reviews from customers.

Level 3

Requirements: Complete minimum 45 orders in total and receive minimum 20 positive reviews from customers.


Requirements: Complete minimum 60 orders in total and receive minimum 35 positive reviews from customers.

The level system may change over time as we aim to innovate & improve the platform.

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