Thousands of freelancers across Maldives have been yearning for a reliable platform for them to showcase their talents and securely execute gigs in order to securely earn an income. Hunaru Foshi provides the a platform for freelancers across the Maldives and beyond to easily engage with clients seeking their talents. Hunaru Foshi aims to ease the process of buying and selling gigs with the help of gig customisation being offered to buyers and sellers.

The number one priority of Hunaru Foshi is not to monetize the platform, but to build a sustainable platform for both freelancers and customers looking to hire freelancers in Maldives. We aim to continuously innovate and improve the Hunaru Foshi platform for both buyers and sellers, using the revenue generated by Hunaru Foshi.

By registering as a seller or a buyer, you and Hunaru Foshi agree to the following.

From Seller (Freelancer) – Commission: 3%

From Buyer (user) -Service fee: 1.5%

Hunaru Foshi assures both the seller and the buyer security in regards to payment. This is ensured as Hunaru Foshi holds the payment paid by the buyer to the seller. Hunaru Foshi acts as a medium between the buyer and the seller as the seller receives his/her payment only once the task is successfully completed. In cases of dispute between sellers and buyers, Hunaru Foshi will assess the situation and ensure fair returns to the parties involved. Hunaru

Foshi shall provide a digital wallet to each seller in which the seller’s earnings shall be stored once the task/gig has been successfully completed and accepted by the buyer. The earnings shall be stored in the digital wallet after a 3% deduction from the total amount as commission to Hunaru Foshi. These earnings displayed in the digital wallet rightfully belongs to the seller once the seller has successfully completed/delivered the task/gig he/she was hired for by the buyer(s).

A service fee of 1.5% of the total amount will be charged on check-out from every buyer who acquires a service via the Hunaru Foshi Website.Service fee and freelancer commissions can or might change in the future depending on many situations and circumstances.

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