Do you want to make your daily life easier?

Do you want to make your daily life easier?
Delivery Time: 24 Hours
Service Includes: Ongoing Support
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My rates starts from 3000/-. Rather than a short term goal I train my clients for achievable goals progressively. Main goal is to stay fit not the 6 packs. Eat what you love and still be a person who can easily do a 5k or climb a 8th floor without getting tired or exhausted. Weight loss will take place based on your medical conditions and body type. How to maintain your physique will be guided. I will help with personal body goals too such as in areas you want to improve in. Basically long story short. Bring the best out of you 🙂

That’s for 12 sessions of pt and 12 sessions of cardio. Do note that the 1060/- which is gym fee is excluded from the price. Also price may vary on how you want to take. Price may change on group pt and 5 day pt. For groups 2 is maximum per session.

For custom orders please submit a private request to me using the “Send Request ” button on my profile, and I will offer you my best price! 
Do you want to make your daily life easier? - HUNARU FOSHI

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